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Main Forum Terms

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1 Main Forum Terms on Thu Jan 14, 2010 11:15 pm


The following are the most common terms for an online forum that might not be obvious:

Emoticon: A small image representing an emotion such as Very Happy

Post: Basically the group of text each person types. All of the terms, and the title is one post. Anything you reply to this, is one post. Posts exist in topics.

PM: Also known as Private Message shortened, this is a message you send to someone of the forum but others can't see it. Email can do this too.

Thread: A thread is the place in which the topics exist. For example, the thread for here is "Forums..."

Topic: A topic is the main place of discussion for a topic. Topics exist in threads. The topic's name of this is "Main Forum Terms"

The order of which the forum leads to just a single post has this hierarchy: Forum > Thread > Topic > Post

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