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BBCode in Forums

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1 BBCode in Forums on Thu Jan 14, 2010 11:24 pm


If you want to manipulate text in a way such as underlining or bold, then you need to enter what are called BBCodes. Some HTML code is very similar in some areas to it. BBcodes are also used to display other things images, links and movies in a post.

When you are making or editing a post, an easy way to attach BBCodes is to highlight the text you want to bold (or other manipulation) and press the B button for bold like you would do in Microsoft Word. It will automatically add the code.

An unique to web-based text editing (or at least I haven't seen it elsewhere) is the ability to quote someone without as much trouble.
without as much trouble
See the bottom-right of each post to easily access this, as well as to edit your posts in the future if needed.

To enter BBCodes manually, you have to enter special tags. For bolding text it would be (b)'text to be bolded here without single quotes'(/b) except the parenthesis would be brackets: [].

The b would change based upon what you wanted to do with it but otherwise it is the same.

B = bold
I = italics
U = underline
strike = strikethrough

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