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1 History on Sun Jan 31, 2010 12:41 am

Ima Pealover

Ima Pealover
Who is your favorite Founding Father, and why?

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First a joke:

Q: Who is the father of our country?
A: There is no one father, there are forefathers!

Now seriously, I'm thinking I'm not sure. What a Face

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Not sure why.

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Ima Pealover

Ima Pealover
I think Washington is my fav too. He just was so totally awesome as a leader and a thinker. We visited Mt. Vernon, and I was so impressed at his innovations on his farm. He designed a round barn and it was a brand new concept that was more efficent and effective. And, I was also impressed at how well he supposedly treated his slaves. For the time, it was quite progressive the way he treated his slaves so fairly and humanely. And, of course, without him, and his treason to England, our country wouldn't exist.

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